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Roane County High School

Mr. Jerry Monroe » Digital Arts and Design

Digital Arts and Design

Digital Arts and Design

Course Syllabus


Instructor Information

Jerry Monroe, CDD

Room Number: 313-315

Email: [email protected]


Course Description:

Digital Arts & Design I-lll is a foundational course in the Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications cluster for students interested in art and design professions. The primary aim of this course is to build a strong understanding of the principles and elements of design and the design process. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to utilize industry tools to conceptualize and create communications solutions which effectively reach targeted audiences. Students will acquire basic skills in illustration, typography, and photography. Standards in this course include career exploration, an overview of the history of design, basic business management, and legal issues. In addition, students will begin compiling artifacts for inclusion in a digital portfolio, which they will carry with them throughout the full sequence of courses in this program of study. Standards in this course are aligned with Tennessee State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Technical Subjects, Tennessee State Standards in Mathematics, Tennessee Visual Art standards, and Tennessee Visual Art History standards. Flexibility is built in to offer this course for either one or three credits.




2016-17 Programs of Study



A copy of the text book and other class materials: available up on request.

Students will perform safety examinations and maintain safety records.
Students will demonstrate leadership, citizenship, and teamwork skills required for success in the school, community, and workplace.
Students will integrate reading, writing, math, and science skills and understand the impact of academic achievement in the workplace.
Students will develop understanding and application of knowledge, skills, and critical thinking associated with an array of creative processes and design principles.
Students will demonstrate understanding of the use of visual elements and effects that add to overall design and layout by enhancing the audience’s experience though readability navigation, and imagery.
Students will analyze and apply typography to the design.
Students will demonstrate image acquisition skills for incorporation into comprehensive designs.
Students will demonstrate skills related to output and deployment of design projects.
Students will evaluate career opportunities and career paths within the digital design and imaging industry.
Students will develop e-Skills that are flexible and evolve with the increasing demands of technology developments and business needs, helping students become life-long learners.
Students will communicate effectively, demonstrating professional oral and written communication skills when presenting projects for critical review.
Students will analyze and demonstrate in-depth understanding of software.
Students will develop a portfolio reflecting a range of media and communication projects.
Field Trips: The class/club will take 2 trips
Tennessee Valley Fair, Knoxville, TN. September
Tennessee State Leadership and Skills Conference, Chattanooga. April



Topics Covered


Introduction to Design

Career Exploration

Elements and Principles of Design

Introduction to the Design Process

Basic Illustration

Basic Photography

Introduction to Design Software

Basic Typography

Design Projects

Ethical & Legal Issues

Business Management



Methods of Instruction

  • Operation
  • Demonstration
  • Hands -on Projects
  • Role Playing
  • Reading in Content Area
  • Simulations
  • Lecture/Note-Taking/PowerPoint
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Presentation


Student Expectations

Be Ready

  • On time to class
  • Prepared with all class materials, texts, pencil, paper, notebook
  • Participate in class discussion, group activities, project presentations, etc.

Be Respectful

  • Do not talk while others are speaking in class. This includes your teacher and your classmates. Disruptions in class will not be tolerated.
  • Treat your classmates, as you would like to be treated, with respect.

Be Responsible

  • Complete your assignments
  • Do your part in group projects?
  • For Your Actions and Behavior


Grading Scale:

  • A = 93-100
  • B = 85-92
  • C = 75-84
  • D = 74-70
  • F = 69 and below


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