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ACT Resources

ACT Resources Online 
 Practice Tests —
Through this Tennessee Electronic Library resource, you can access various practice tests for each ACT testing category: English, Reading, Science, and Math. You will need to register and create an account, but you can do so for free using your school e-mail address.
Come see Ms. Parrish in the library; I can assign various full-length practice tests to your USATestPrep account.
Provides links to PDFs of official ACT practice tests (which you can then score yourself), as well as official sample questions from the ACT website.
Provides links to official ACT Practice Test documents and answer keys.
Provides a full-length ACT practice test to assess where you are in your preparation and get comfortable with the test format. Also offers "problem-solving" videos wherein you can watch an ACT coach use step-by-step strategies to solve different kinds of ACT problems.
Free Princeton Review ACT Practice Test. You have to "enroll" in the course, but then you have immediate access to the test.
PDF full-length ACT practice test, along with a link to explanations of the correct answers for each question at the end. Magoosh also provides other study resources, such as flashcards, to help students prepare for the test. Mobile app also available.
About the ACT Test / Study Materials—
Official ACT practice website that allows you to complete short exercises within various subject areas. Login with your student Google account to gain access.
Part One of the official ACT Prep Guide. Provides you with descriptions of each test, including time allotted, question formats, etc.
Provides an overview of each test category and the different types of questions asked, as well as testing strategies to maximize your scores in each.
Provides various different types of materials that will help you prepare for the ACT, including practice questions, games, and instructional videos. See Ms. Parrish in the library if you need help signing in or navigating the site.
On this website, you'll find various resources to help you study for the ACT, including presentations, videos, practice tests, and links to other sites that may be helpful.
For those who struggle with grammar, this guide goes over the basics: When to use it's vs. its, who vs. whom, commas vs. semi-colons, etc. It's a great crash course to go through before taking the exam. provides grammar study materials, as well as sample questions to help you cover all your bases and get more practice.
While Khan Academy does not have a section specifically for ACT Prep, its math review lessons can be really helpful if it’s been awhile since you’ve studied a particular topic in school. You can use this list to figure out what topics are tested on the ACT, and then search Khan Academy for lessons on the ones you need to brush up on.
If you go through everything listed and want even more ACT Prep, see the suggestions listed here! (May work only if accessing from home computer).
Mobile Apps —
This free mobile app available for Android and Apple products provides various ACT prep materials, including practice questions, flashcards, and tips and videos. From the makers of Varsity Learning Tools and voted Best Education App of 2016.
While the free version doesn't give you a full practice test, the app does provide a diagnostic pre-test to assess where you are now, and then takes you through various lessons (with sample questions and quizzes) to help you improve your skills and your ACT score.