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Welcome to Life Skills

Syllabus Life Skills Classroom, 2021-2022
The Life Skills Classroom is based on a functional curriculum. The Life Skills Curriculum is used, and is broken down into various areas of concentration. This curriculum is designed to teach functional skills to those students with a wide range of disabilities. The LSC approach focuses on providing opportunities to these students, so that they might become as independent as possible in day to day life. The LSC has the following curriculum areas: Daily Living Skills, Personal Social Skills, and Occupational Guidance and Preparation Skills. This curriculum is taught not only in the classroom, but the community as well. Many of these students lack the knowledge or skill level to transfer skills learned in a controlled, classroom environment. It is for this reason, that money skills for example, are taught not only in class, but then reinforced in the community with eating out, and shopping trips. Please notice the attached instructional areas and possible skills that students may be working on during the school year.