Student Parking Reservations

Due to the ADA budget cut we will be charging $20.00 for students to park at the school. The following information will need to be provided to reserve a parking spot: Car year, Car Make, car model, car color, Car license #, Insurance Company, Driver’s License #, Parent e-mail, Parent cell #.


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The purpose/mission of Roane County High School is to promote excellence in all things.



The vision of Roane County High School is to create a safe, supportive environment where all learners are expected to engage in a learning process in which they are challenged to achieve their highest potential.



  • All Students in our school need to have an equal opportunity to learn.
  • Students learn best when all stakeholders communicate and maintain high expectations for learning.
  • School policies should be clearly stated, well publicized, and uniformly enforced.
  • Students learn best in an environment that facilitates communication, respect, and safety.
  • Teachers use state standards to guide instruction and use assessment data to monitor and adjust instruction.